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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

life's full with surprises...

hey hey.. lama tidak update. ya, bz.. so lame reason. macam biasa kalau hati sudah tidak keruan, mana lagi hendak diluahkan selain rakan rakan, ibu bapa serta Yang Maha Mengetahui....

yes,,lately i'm thinking about my previous history of my lame life happened when i'm expecting for too much things happen. too tired for waiting and i'll down in the dumps if it hell not happen. me is impatient kott...

but when i'm expecting less, so many surprises happen :) do i have to mention here? perhaps, no...

maybe i hope for too much things..
maybe i gave what i'm not suppose to give..
maybe i just want it perfect..
maybe i must feel the kehilangan first then i know how to appreciate??

ouh no.. why la these things must be happened to me. sedih ok. but no more tears. i'm done with air mata scene. penat dah. really!

ok then, i got to go. lotsa work. bye :)