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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

tiring forming lots of adrenaline today :\


11.15 pm now. i'm tired n actually wanna have my sleep already but i have to study the journey and time estimation for tomorrow's meeting at Sg. Timun. i love my job. thats y i still can be bertahan in this hour. sorry bebeh for make u waiting.

today is a hectic day start with the office stuff yang tak akan duduk senang kalau dah tibe mase utk submit itu ini kat client. then go to the Putrajaya for the audit thingy at 4 to 5 site constructions tengah hari bute!!! kulit menjadi gelap jika tidak memakai sun block ye kawan kawan. agak agak kalau jumpe saye dimana mana budak demuk berisik siket gelap gelap gituh bawak myvi, haa.. saye la tu. jangan malu malu tegur ye.. :p

then i drive the hilux all around the putrajaya ye ke all around?? :p untill get back to the office. yang bikin sedikit gelabahnye adalah, i drive that car manually. so proud of myself! ade emoticon idong kembang tak? hihi :p

ok dah dah. bongkak pulak..after that i have to rush to ampang puteri speacialist hospital to check my knee. my knee sakit lately. actually i just came back from there. n now, i'm tired!!! what did the Dr. said? emmm... later i write here k. nak titonn dahhh. ngantokk tak bley blahh.....tomorrow i'll drive to the Sg. Timun using Hilux okke!!!! hope i can manage this cos i looooooooooooooooooooove to drive! it means, i really like adventerous thing!!jangan salah sangke kerane saya tidak akan menjadi driver anda anda semue :p hihi. ye ye jeh!

k. with that i thank u. nite all :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Wasiat buat isteri. Moga dapat dibuat pengajaran~

hello there. this morning i received an email from fren of mine about 'wasiat buat isteri'. at first, malas nak baca since i've lotsa lotsa work. but, takpe, bce je la. ilmu kann.. tak boleh berkira dengan ilmu ni. after read it, i feel like i wanna share with others. nak type kat blog satu satu, tak dan.. since tak boleh just copy like that, so i just give the link..

so, wanita wanita solehah out there,and also reminder fer myself, mari kita renungkan dan bersame same amalkan nanti :)

thank u for reading :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

belated & update entry : chrismast @ langkawi

hey there..

haha. so long not to write here. gela lame!

quite bz. n sooooo many personal things happened which is cannot be post here. so, senyap la jawabnye utk beberape lame kan.. emmm...

let see, what i did last christmast!
there u go.. LANGKAWIIIIIII!!!!!!!!

hahhahaa...sangat la malas mahu type dan update ketika ini. might be because of the dull life? ye kot :\

not really actually. so much fun happened last 3 weeks. my bf oredi got his dreams, my brother's PMR result is quite not bad, abah oredi completed his minor surgery @ IJN, eca got a new job, mak as well :)), office is just fine with planning to Bandung for family day this June yippiyeayyy!!!, with abah's help, i managed to get back my myvi :p, i did my exercise once a week weather its swimming, futsal or badminton and soon will be adding silat weekly training :)

satu bendeeee je yang tak best. i'm become bigger! arghh!!!!!! planning planning to get fit back!!! wathing the biggest loser everyday perhaps?!! please guys, do support me. me now very easy to get sick. even hurt easily when people hit at me. wtgemook kan?

okla.i think dats all fer today. will meet again soon. da~