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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


wake up, bath, eat, w0rk, munch2, construction sites, mengantok, meet people, eat, drive, reporting, chatting, eat, television, online, eat, rest, sleep......

then continue the next day with the same routine. that's me now.. my current routine if its not fasting month laa. great huh!

kalau perasan, how many eats and NO work out that i have here... sigh... ape nak jadi la aku niiii. *geleng geleng* badan dah bengkak bengkak ni..

ouh ya,, today i got my eumora soap oredi. wheppiiwoo!! during lunch hour i use the soap and my face become merah gatal gatal. bese la,,sign banyak bahan kimia kat muke cos its been 3 months dah tak pakai eumora. and now the time to maintain my skin looks flawless..haha. flawless kehh? well,,macam besela perasan! :p

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