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Monday, September 5, 2011

hey September!

u again, September! wahh. the time flies so fast! what Ive done? just same like i have before. shame on me and sort of borring. huh

but i'm happy for others. many frens getting married, got new job with better offer, got new boyfren (this one-like I care :p). but life has to move on. dont be like so-pathetic-me ;|

ouh ya, i would like to say here, this blog is all mine. it's all bout my life, my up and down days,things that I wanna share or not to share, daily life story,, and all the stories already been histories to me.

i might let this so called of journal left like this even tho i feel geli geli when i read some past entry again and again. ya, sometimes i'll laugh to myself but somehow that my way to think back what ive done before. i believe there'll be a silver lining behind all stories happens to me :)

yeah, stay tune with my so-looong-non-ter'update'-post ni ya guys. the entry will come out new if i'm ready to tell u somthing yg best. no emo emo post dah. tanak jadi dak kecik lagi *fingercrossed!* :p

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