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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

hochimincitytrafiksemak ;p

Us in front of national library of Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam

Things I found out at HCMC, Vietnam:-
  1. The traffic is 'super' cool. haha. Bunyi hon is everywhere. Even me pon kena hon (sbb dah try bawak moto kat sana :p);
  2. Chu chi tunnel menyeramkan. terasa macam dalam kubor;
  3. Shopping kain 4 meter heaven di sana sbb banyak jenis. Telekong Hajah Basiroh pon best. Murah but very the lawa;
  4. Telecom wire derang design so creative! =p
  5. The people sana ada yg baik, ada yang tak. But mostly pandai trick orang. Esp, bout bargaining price.  I'm the one of the mangsa :(
  6. Halal food is expensive! and halal restaurant  better to bring lots of meggi!
  7. and the best thing is I found the best vacation tribe! Heart them (refer picture above). 
Kak Sarah je tade dalam gamba. Later I'll upload the piccas ok!

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