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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

betul juga kata mereka mereka.. berfikir sejenak~

"life is all about learning. everyday, everything happen around us is a lesson.grab it!!
whether you want to win or lose, depends on how you handle the matter"

thought of the day... thoughts actually.eheh

y must we have to pretend?? sangatla tak suke..
but i have to :\

kenape tibe2 mode cenggini ni?
haaaihh..tidak mengapalah. i keep this on my own..for my sake. and my surrounding. my life~
the main thing here is, do not be so naive. sooo not good. no no no!
bukan kate naif tu x baik but not tooo naive like i've been before.
learn from the mistake ok! yeahh.. aa boleh!!
kiki.. tah pape..


aDam ra'Uf said...

pe kAh yg tlh berlaku?

a'a nazzirah said...

tak de pape pon...

pendapat semata mata :)