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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


office hour. lots work to do. but, feel like wanna have monolog session to myself ony ofkoss, before I can back to my work.

this morning I woke up with fresh face in the mirror. yeahh. suke itu! its been oredi 2 days got an exercise session with pendekar atheletes (monday) and swimming with nik (tuesday).. fuh. tau je la what will be happen if u're not work out for a looong day kan? then, after got the flabbilliciouss stuff on ur body, baru rase insaf nak kembali to an active routine. ye, aku makin malas!

ouh. i'm not on diet tau. but i'm working out. to tone up my body back. yeahh. nati nak pakai costume pape kan senang.tak payah susah2 g paksa badan kuros within a short period. kan seksa tuh! haha. jauh tol pk ;p

anyway, now I wud like to announce that i'm not going to have a thingking like I used before. ye la, macam gitu macam gini. sape kenal aku dari dulu might be kenal la how kan. hehe. malas nak ellaborate. its not trying to be some other people or what. i just wanna become a positive thinker but not too liberal. haha. u know what i mean rite. yes. as a muslim kan. kene la jage boundry nye,, :) BUT, if I do come back to my previous attitude, theres must be something wrong yang bikin gua panaasssss... so, watch out!

to all out there, ini post mengade namenye. tak de keje. buang mase. ayat pon berteraburrr..

emm. some pics here. random during hari raye. enjoice!!

debabs face :p

eca : younger sista

payed : youngest one
a.k.a the joker. boley la kot. haha


jabik dah gagah! hehe..

gambo mak abah n along je tade.... cam kat orang len da.. next time keyh.. hehe

baby elysa

baby nuha : ape pandang pandang haaa?

wanna see next cutiey baby gurl?? tungguuuuu.....

itu saja. sekian :)

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