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Thursday, October 15, 2009

makan 3hari lepas cam gela ini hari jadi gemok dahhh :0

ok. entri kembali dari site visit.
last 3 days was awsome with the all the foodsssss...penang got mee tikus, teh tarik aircond, air campuq, mee mamak special edition, line clear (OMG! terliur okke!!) and also got black gear box (but this one at baling la).. omg omg. the fud was vveryy great!!! superb la wa cakap sama lu. no pics je. yela, sebok makan kannn.. hehe..

nak cite panjang pon tak larat. banyak lagi bende nak buat, ni je la yang boley dipertontonkan. chill!!
@ Baling - black sup gear box. sape2 pg sane, try la.. bestt!!!

@ seri malaysia penang wif husna. waiting bos fetch us for dinner.

suddenly got mama cat mata satu. kesian~

During site visit @ baling. special edition truck machine. hehe ;p

no no no..
do not dump into the drain ye kawan kawan. kan dah jadi cenggini. love our environment yoww :)

ok. that's for past 3 days update. before i end, one more thing to tell, tibe2 rase rindu dengan ini ~

um's contingen for PENDEKAR SEABAD 5.

starss of UM.
and congratess to them for open category team! from left :
yus, dayah, abasaid, azimah and acap.

ok. now i dont know what else to publish. lots of story to tell. lots of drama happened. lots of conflict inside me. but time is limited. i think dats all for today and now i feel like wanna see him now. yes, rite now!!! saba a. sabaa....sat ja lagi mahu balikk, YEAYY!!!

okla. tatasss :)


aDam ra'Uf said...

pic tersayang xde kea..?
pic org aje..huhuuu


a'a nazzirah said...

takde laaaa.. tak cuci lagi ;p