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Monday, November 2, 2009

not really in a good mood.

hype! lame sudah tidak update. bz as usual lah kan. IT'S NOVEMBERRRRR A'A!!!!

omg! ade banyak plan tahun lepas yang tak disudah kan lagih ni nak nampak bibit bibit hasilnye pon susah. haisshh.. how a??

ok. cool, relaksss... meybi now is not 'my' turn. not my rezeki yet. and tuhan tahu segalanya kan. sabar jelaaa...i have do always remember this....

precious moments really need a looooong journey... rite??

so now, just do whatever i'm suppose to do. ok rite, a'a must be alweys positip! yeahhh...

last week was my hectic moment at the office. but nvm, i'm learning tho. mane2 pon kene belaja dari bawah kan? tak kesah la kene kutok ke hape. i'll dealing and fight with alll the problems. ala, rase2 tak tahan, nanges la kejap, pastu ok balik. kan. kikiki ;p yes. thats me. ciwekk! boo!!

emm.. story of the past month. tak tau la ape kene ngan aku kali ni buat keje tak seexcellent before. bagi hadiah je. cake lupe =( macam hampeh je aku. guilty pon ade lagi ni. but, to my dear, i hope u understand. last saturday i had done my best but still i did mistake. i owe u bebeh and i'll re-do it again...errr.. no redo la. but its call the-continuous-daling-bday-celebration-part-two..hehe ;p sabaq naaa... ape la nasib pakwe gua dapat awek cenggini kan. haha...

pictures? emmm.. also my fault. not even a piece of picture had been taken by me.sorry 'again' dear.. lope mau kuakan fon snap sane sini. now i know, memang leh buat biol gakk rupenye buat report ni. penangan die takes about a day to get back to normal.. fuhh!! hope that i can adapt with this situation before next year..

okeyla. too many cakap cakap here. lets do work. straight!!!


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