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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

smile =)

I feel its been a while for having a great smile and laugh. I mean a true one... maybe because of my work loads, 24 7 workin' and hormone regulate,,perhaps...

For the time being, only one thing can make me smile. That kind of smile.. the-really-happy one..But, unfortunately, its a bit risky. I know but I still take it..Why i said so? Cause nobody's know our future rite?

Its ok then. Maybe this is 'my turn' to face all these things. And now I'm learning and trying to digest each and every single thing that happened to me..

This page will become more dull if my hormone don't want to cooperate with me. so, blame the hormones!! =p

Bak omputeh kata, 'A forced smile is better than none'. So, SMILEEE =)


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