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Sunday, November 7, 2010


Dullness is back in my life. Werking everyday and this Ardh office already be my second home. No huha huha, no movies, no lepaks as always. It will happen when there's something must have to be done only...

The glorious thing is just right there. Now I need some more patient or maybe, EXTRA! I dont know. Like what my fren said, ''redha a, REDHA..''

Yes, I'm learning and still learning frens..thanks buddy :)


izatul hafinaz said...

hehe..miss office already..mcm2 da pk nk uatpe esk..just redha a'ah ;)..its beter than doing least kat opis uat kje dapat duit;)

A'a Nazzirah said...

hehe. yeahh!! jom lepak opis ramai2 every weekend jom :p